Welcome to htw saar, the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken

Our university offers more than 45 Bachelor and Master programs in Business, Architecture & Civil Engineering, Engineering, Social Sciences and Franco-German studies. htw saar serves approximately 6,000 students. The percentage of international students (16%) is significantly higher than the national average. Currently, there are ca. 700 international students from over 80 countries attending our classes. Our study programs are designed to incorporate practical-oriented hands-on skills along with a strong theoretical knowledge base.

Third mission

Part of htw saar’s mission is to contribute to addressing and overcoming major challenges in today’s society. The university acts as a hub that connects academic research, businesses, institutions and administrative bodies to foster and promote regional development. htw saar has so far succeeded in creating a network of over 300 industry partners.

Today htw saar

  • is a major player in the regional innovation sector, working together with partners in industry to transform research results into marketable products. htw saar’s Institute of Technology Transfer (FITT) currently cooperates with around 80 companies.
  • accelerates the development of new value chains through the creation of networks and innovation clusters. htw saar initiated the formation of AKJ Automotive, an expert network for sharing ideas on automotive value chains, and helped set up the regional Ambient Assisted Living Network (AAL Saar).
  • established the ‘Zentrum Mittelstand Saar’ (ZMS), which supports sustainable business models for SMEs.
  • educates and trains young skilled graduates. The university offers degree programmes and further education courses aimed at producing qualified employees and at meeting regional needs.
  • offers assistance to international students who need to complete a mandatory internship as part of their learning agreement.
  • integrates education and social engagement through service-learning and community projects.
  • encourages civic participation. htw saar is actively engaged in the community and promotes urban and cultural development in the local area and neighbourhood.

State-of-the-art research with international partners

htw saar can also take credit for being the first application-oriented university in Germany conducting research. For more than 25 years the university has been carrying out research on an international level and with industry partners from all over the world. With about €9.4 million in third-party funds, htw saar is considered to be one of the top-ranked universities of applied sciences in Germany. Research is fundamental, and great importance is attached to applied research and development. That`s why the university encourages our students to participate in the various R&D projects to get a better understanding of German cutting-edge technology and innovation.