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ERASMUS+ Staff Training Week 2019

The next htw saar ERASMUS+ Staff Training Week is planned for November 2019. The topic and target group will be announced in January 2019.


ERASMUS+ Staff Training Week 2017

"Digital learning, videos and virtual reality in the university environment."

The 1st ERASMUS+ Staff Training Week took place here in Saarbrücken from 27 November to 1 December 2017. The 5-day program consisted of plenary sessions, workshops, discussions, presentations and social events.

One of the questions amongst many others, we wanted to tackle with our international colleagues, was 'how can digital learning, videos, virtual realities, etc. be of use and implemented into today's university environment?'

Target group and participants

The program was designed both for international academics dedicated to innovation in the classroom and for staff dealing with the technical implementation of new technologies into the everyday operation of HEI.

The participants came from our partner universities in Belgium, Finnland, Ireland, Luxembourg and the UK.

Please watch our video for more information on our staff training week:



M. Mallmann

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Raum 11/08/20


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Marion Hergenröther

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