Life on Campus

In addition to providing students with a high-quality education, htw saar offers a wide variety of leisure and recreational activities both on and off campus. Activities include an extensive sports programme and a wide range of cultural activities such as student drama groups, musical ensembles and choirs. The 'Mensa' - the student refectory - is not only a popular place to eat, it’s also a good place for students to meet. And Saarbrücken also boasts a great range of cafes, bars and parks, where students can hang out and relax.

Merchandising products

Need a new pen, a T-shirt or a new mug? Why not visit the htw saar online webshop and check out our range of clothing, stationery, and souvenirs all with the official htw saar logo or the faculty colour scheme of your choice? You can find these products and many more in our webshop.

Go and colour your life!