University Sports

In order to create a place for students and staff to get together and to generate a feeling of community, htw saar's sports department offers - in cooperation with other universities of the region - a comprehensive sports programme: from Aikido to Yoga.

Conditions of participation

All students and staff of htw saar and Saarland University (UdS)can participate in the courses of htw saar. Guests can also register for sports courses if enough spots are available.


The majority of htw saar's sports courses are free. You can find more detailed information in the brief course descriptions on the German website and on the UdS website.


Registering for courses is done online. You must register for each new semester.

Sports programme

The sports programme varies from semester to semester. You can find an overview of the sports programmes offered during the winter semester 15/16 (in German only) here.


Watch here the latest video from a htw saar Dragoners competition:


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