Be prepared: The odds and possibilities of VR and AR

A foresight view of VR and AR in the learning and teaching environment
Wann 30.11.2017
von 13:30 bis 16:00
Wo CAS, Raum 8025
Kontakttelefon -764
Teilnehmer International participants of the staff week and all interested staff members of the htw saar.
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This lecture takes place in the framework of the htw saar ERASMS+ staff week “Digital learning, videos and Virtual Reality in the university environment: challenges - risks – opportunities” and is held in English.

The specific applications of VR and AR in the education space are already numerous. Nowadays users can, for example, virtually travel to Stonehenge, the International Space Station or inside the human body. The technology has attracted the attention of education industry thought leaders, and an enormous amount of creativity and energy is already directed at bringing VR and AR to the classroom.

We will hear about already existing solutions, technical and strategic requirements and a foresight look into the future. We will discuss the state of the art today and talk about what can or can’t be done in your classroom.

The session is presented by members of the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (HBKsaar), Saarland’s university of art and design.


Jan Tretschok et al. (Leiter des Videostudios der HBKsaar)

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