I used the application to import the owls files, as shown in the thesis. I imported the economy-book_price_service.owls directory and I was able to view the owls services, exactly as described in the master thesis. However, I was not able to translate any of the owls services into a wsdl specification. The "owls2wsdl" button remained grey and disabled, no matter which owls service I selected.

The main challenge is the translation of the OWL description to a schema (XSD) interface description, that is used in WSDL. You have to collect all types, that are needed by the service and build a knowledge base of types (KB) by importing OWL files, that are listed in the service (this is not automated so far). The KB you can generate at one time (can takes long to translate some owl files with owl2xsd...), save after using it (to/in my metadata format) and extend another time. OWL2XSD: here I give some ways to restrict the generation of XSD types out of the semantic description of things. You can play with the parameters to configurate the owl2xsd translation. Normaly the service interface is missing schema types. Don't forget the OWL-S import section and import the OWL description for Service.owl, Process.owl,... to your KB.


I open the project sample file but I can't see any services listed.

If you don't see the services after you loaded the project file, try another time to open (the gui sometimes doesn't update correctly).


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