In the Summer semester 2014, htw students from the master's program in computer science had their first chance to turn their theses and project reports into an intercultural experience. For a realistic developmental assignment, they formed a globally dispersed team (GDT) with a group of students from the bachelor's program in mechatronics from the Chinese-German University of Applied Sciences (Chinesisch-Deutsche Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, CDHAW) in Shanghai. The Chinese and German students jointly dedicated themselves to what is currently a highly practical topic, especially in the reality of large Chinese cities: They developed a smog sensor. In weekly meetings held through Skype, project management skills were applied, tasks assigned, and intermediate results discussed, all while overcoming language and technical barriers.

This teaching format is currently being expanded to an elective in the engineering curricula of both China and Germany. In addition to technical content from the areas of microprocessors, networking and sensor technology, as well as project management, this new format draws upon an exchange of the intercultural skills required within this context.

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