Dear Internationals,

We warmly welcome you to the htw saar Business School! We look forward to supporting your experience as an international student or exchange student and offer different options for your stay with us.

Our apply@htw team is the point of contact for regular, degree-seeking international students. They can help you with your application. As a double-degree or Erasmus+ student, our International Coordinator will work with you to find the best courses to match your interests. And, our International Office can help you find a place to stay or just simply help you find your way around Saarbrücken. 


Get to know our Business School… 

Our Business School has a long, successful history. In 1971, the Saarland University of Applied Sciences launched five specialized fields of study in general business administration. Over time, those fields evolved to meet market demands. Today, logistics, marketing, human resources management, accounting and auditing, business informatics and industrial engineering create a well-rounded educational profile. At our Business School you won’t just gain sound knowledge in the relevant areas of business administration, but also highly specialized knowledge in our specialization areas – every one of our graduates is a successful mix of generalist and specialist and thus, perfectly equipped for today’s employment market and the employment market of the future. You can follow up your bachelor's degree with a master's degree in the fields of marketing, accounting, auditing and finance, supply chain management and industrial engineering, as well as leisure, sports, tourism and cultural management. 

A particularly innovative degree program is “Aviation Business - Piloting and Airline Management”, which was introduced in 2007. It combines pilot training with business and engineering studies. Today, airline carriers are looking for pilots who are not only capable of flying an aircraft, but also possess the necessary economic and technical expertise to solve the complex issues that can arise when working in the aviation business. 

The bachelor's degree programs in “International Business Administration (IBA)”, “International Tourism Management” and the master's degree program in “International Management” are perfectly suited to meet the requirements of our increasingly globalized economy. 

More than 40 university partnerships worldwide, 3 Franco-German, bilingual degree programs (with a high proportion of English) within the framework of the Franco-German University Institute (DFHI/ISFATES), double degrees and a high level of mobility among our students, faculty and staff emphasize our commitment to internationalization. 

To top it off, we offer several part-time academic initiatives for working professionals, such as our master’s program “Management and Leadership” or the cooperative study program “Business Administration”. 

In addition to our teaching activities, our Business School lives a very active and dynamic research culture. Two of our focal points are, for example, logistics and supply chain management. In the Qbing research group and at the ISCOM Institute, we conduct interdisciplinary work on industrial production, the entire range of logistic processes and the technologies used in this environment. The Industrial Engineering Institute (WIIN) advises companies in the areas of production/process management and holistic production systems. 

"We impart more than knowledge!" – that is our mission statement. It revolves around values like responsibility, fairness and respect, promoting our students' personal development, their understanding of intercultural diversity and their social commitment, as well as reconciling studies with family or career, and preparing our approximately 450 graduates each year to take on specialized and managerial tasks in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Combination of engineering & business skills

Graduates from engineering management programmes combine the analytical skills of an engineer with the market awareness of a business graduate. The well-designed curriculum ensures that students receive a balanced mix of content from the engineering and economic sciences and that they acquire the soft-skills needed by managers working in modern technical and engineering environments.

Since 2008, we have been offering a B.Sc. program in ‘Aviation Business – Piloting and Airline Management’. The program combines aviation training, in which students acquire the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), and academic tuition that provides a solid grounding in business economics. Airline carriers increasingly need pilots who are not only capable of flying aircraft, but who possess the necessary economic and technical expertise to solve the complex issues that can arise when working in the aviation business.

Part-time education

Our comprehensive portfolio of degree programs is complemented by multiple part-time academic education initiatives for working professionals, such as the Master’s program ‘Management and Leadership’ or the cooperative study program ‘Business Administration’.


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