Information on the current rules with regard to social distancing, hygiene, public transport, commerce, other activities and topics of daily life by Saarland state government in English.

UPDATE 23 MARCH 2021: University operations from 18 December 2020 onwards (currently announced until 18 April 2021):

  • As a general rule all campus buildings (including the mensa/university restaurant and library) are closed - special arrangements/exceptions for teaching and exminations are however possible. The libray will make special arrangements to facilitate borrowing and returning books.
  • Teaching: In general no on-site classes will take place, however exceptions for special classes (e.g. technical labs and other such classes) are allowed. Those classes that are allowed to take place on-site have to fulfill strict requirements with regard to the amount of persons in relatios to the size of the room and students may be mandated to wear protective masks.
  • Examinations: On-site examinations are allowed, but also with strict requirements for personal distance, amount of people in relation to the size of the room and other hygiene measures.
  • All acadademic staff (professors, lecturers, researchers and lab engineers) involved in teaching and research are working remotliy from home (unless presence is required for special cases/classes and to run emergency infrastructure for example with the regard to particular machines and processes).
  • University administration: As a general rule the central administrative units (e.g. HR, finance, central student service office, registrar’s office as well as the international office, etc.) will work remotly from home. However, units will make individual arrangements to uphold services and processes on campus that staff cannot work on from home.

Important information and guidelines


Please follow the basic hygiene precautions such as:

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly;
  • Avoid physical contact when greeting people;
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue that you dispose of properly.

The German Federal Centre for Health Education provides a useful list with 10 tips to prevent the spread of infections

Inbound travel

German Federal Foreign Office: Information on entry restrictions and quarantine regulations

German Federal Ministry of Health: Current information for travellers

If you have travelled in any of the RKI risk zones (in German only, containing a link to the archive with English versions) or other risk zones affected by an outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the last weeks before coming to Saarbrücken and develop symptoms of fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, you should immediately:

  • Stay home and avoid unnecessary contacts
  • Contact a doctor in Saarbrücken by telephone registration beforehand, informing them with reference to your travel to an affected area
  • Important note: do NOT visit the doctor or go to the emergency services to avoid potential transmission to others ->the doctor will decide if you are being tested and organize the necessary

Note: Incoming international students who need assistance to contact a doctor please liase with the htw saar-International Office, we will assist you with the telephone communication to consult a doctor in Saarbrücken.


Important information for travelling

Useful links

General information on the outbreak of COVID-19

Recommendations on how to help contain the virus threat


Further information (in German only)

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