FITT gGmbH is currently involved in around 100 applied research and development projects.

More than 90 FITT researchers and technicians (equivalent to about 60 full-time positions) are currently working on these projects, which are managed and supervised by over 60 htw saar professors.

FITT regularly works with over 170 companies in Saarland, but also with companies in Australia and China. However, its client base also includes around 40 public bodies and social and community care facilities – ranging from local districts and municipalities to regional and national government ministries, from the PTA of a local kindergarten to a major hospital owner/operator.

Average annual revenues of well over four million euros from contract research projects and public funding are typical.

FITT gGmbH is administered by a team of only four people. The administrative costs ratio, which is a commonly used indicator of the efficiency with which a non-profit organization is run, is well below 10 % and thus extremely low when measured against any of the established efficiency benchmarks.


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