Great things always start out small: Research for Saarland at htw saar.

The first large-scale research project at htw saar began some 25 years ago. Today, htw saar is one of Germany’s most productive universities of applied sciences in terms of research. FITT – the Institute for Technology Transfer at htw saar – is a key part of this success story. As a non-profit company, FITT organizes cooperation between htw saar and for-profit businesses and companies. FITT is also responsible for administering publicly funded research projects. With a research and technical workforce of more than 90, FITT conducts numerous application-driven research and development projects involving all four of the schools at htw saar. Currently around 170 companies are participating in these projects, with most of the companies regionally based but some located as far away as Australia. FITT has an annual research income of over four million euros. Numerous graduates from htw saar have gathered their first professional work experience in FITT research projects.

In its report on the higher education landscape in Saarland, the Council of Science and Humanities, the highest science policy committee in Germany, positively endorsed FITT gGmbH. FITT is also regarded throughout Europe as a best-practice model for successful technology transfer. The Dutch Council for Science, Technology and Innovation recently described FITT as an ‘inspiring model from Germany’ in its recommendations for future cooperation between SMEs and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands.


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