Information on the current rules with regard to social distancing, hygiene, public transport, commerce, other activities and topics of daily life by Saarland state government in English.

UPDATE 28 May 2020: Mensa/university restaurants on Campus Alt-Saarbrücken and Campus Rotenbühl open again from 8 May 2020 onwards for lunch service (eat-in and take-away) subject to hygiene and distancing rules. More information (in German) see Studentenwerk Saarland.

UPDATE 24 April 2020: University operations from 4 May 2020 onwards

  • The general strategy is as much as possible digital, as little as possible on-site! Campus buildings will open again from 4 May onwards, however with strict hygiene measures (e.g. personal distance at least 2m and wear of protective masks).
  • Teaching: As a general rule no on-site classes will take place, however there will be some exceptions for classes that are difficult to offer online (e.g. technical labs and other such classes). Those classes that are allowed to take place on-site have to fulfill strict requirements with regard to the amount of persons in relatios to the size of the room and students may be mandated to wear protective masks.
  • Examinations: On-site examinations are allowed, but also with strict requirements for personal distance and amount of people in relation to the size of the room.
  • Research:  Research activities are allowed to continue, however research staff is asked to minimize their on-site presence as much as possible, with strict requirements for personal distance, hygiene measures and amount of people in relation to the size of the rooms/labs.
  • University administration: The central administrative units (e.g. HR, finance, central student service office, registrar’s office as well as the international office, etc.) will continue to rotate between on-site presence and home office. All administrative units will have reduced staff on-site from Monday to Thursday. Fridays, there is no on-site presence in administrative offices, but staff is working online from home office.
  • Library: The university libraries will open again, albeit with reduced hours, the separated student work rooms remain closed, however the open work spaces are allowed to be used, in keep with regulations about personal distance.
  • Mensa/university restaurant: The Mensa will remain closed till further notice. At the moment there is no information available when and under which conditions they will be allowed to open again.
  • Other: Not allowed are excursions and also no cultural and social events are allowed to take place on campus. During summer semester there will be no courses offered in the additional skills program StudiumPLUS. The university sports offer (together with the other universities in Saarbruecken) is also shut down till further notice.


UPDATE 17 March 2020: As of today htw saar is further reducing operations:

All acadademic staff (professors, lecturers, researchers and lab engineers) involved in teaching and research are in home office and no on site teaching, examination or research activties are to take place (unless presence is required to run emergency infrastructure for example with the regard to particular machines and processes).

For the units of the university administration (incl. the International Office) the emergency operation plan comes into force, whereby (selected) staff rotates between htw saar and home office Mondays to Thursdays. Fridays there is no presence at the university and home office only.

UPDATE 16 March 2020: In line with state government policies, university management has decided that in addition to postponing the start of classes to 4 May, NO on site exams will take place at htw saar from 17 March to 4 May. On site exams that were scheduled in this period are to be postponed to a later time. Alternative assessment/exam formats are also being considered.

UPDATE 12 March 2020: htw saar is continuously monitoring the coronavirus situation in our region and we are following carefully the guidelines and directives of the local and national authorities.

Whereas in the last week of February we registered the first cases of infection with the coronavirus in our region, the German federal state of Saarland, thus far there have been no reported cases on any of the htw saar sites.

However, in line with the regional state government, htw saar decided to postpone the start of classes to 4 May 2020!  No in-class educational programs will run till this date and class period of upcoming summer semester will be 4 weeks shorter. Incoming exchange students from partner universities have been contacted by the htw saar-International Office with further information about their exchange program.

This decision by our regional state government affects all institutions of higher education in our state. It is a pre-emptive measure to slow down the spread of the coronavirus in our region in line with newly issued national policies.

The coronavirus scenario changes continuously and htw saar has set up a task force, that carefully follows the regional, national and international epidemiological development.  Several protective measures recommended by our Health Authorities have been implemented at htw saar such as hand disinfectant across all buildings and campuses.

Additionally, as of today, persons (including all student, staff and visitors) that have recently been to any of the RKI risk areas (in German only) are not allowed to enter htw saar sites for the duration of 14 days (the risk zones include our neighboring French region Grand Est).

Moreover, university management has asked that staff, in addition to the travel ban to risk zones already in place, also reduces other travel, outside meetings and personal contacts to essential only.

Please note that irrational thoughts are viral too. While we understand that students and staff are worried, we shall not tolerate discrimination and prejudice related to a person’s origin and nationality. We are an inclusive, international community welcoming students and staff from all over the world. It is absolutely essential that we support all our friends and colleagues in solidarity.

Should any changes in the situation occur which affect university operations we will update the information on this page in English accordingly.


Important information and guidelines:


Inbound and outbound travel advice

Useful links


Please follow the basic hygiene precautions such as:

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly;
  • Avoid physical contact when greeting people;
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue that you dispose of properly.

The German Federal Centre for Health Education provides a useful list with 10 tips to prevent the spread of infections

Inbound and outbound travel advice

Outbound travel

htw saar has suspended all staff travel and student excursion to the risk zones as defined by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office and Federal Ministry of Health

RKI Risk Zones (in German only)

Other outgoing staff and student travel is assessed individually on a case by case basis.


Inbound travel

If you have travelled in any of the RKI risk zones (in German only) or other risk zones affected by an outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the last weeks before coming to Saarbrücken and develop symptoms of fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, you should immediately:

  • Stay home and avoid unnecessary contacts
  • Contact a doctor in Saarbrücken by telephone registration beforehand, informing them with reference to your travel to an affected area
  • Important note: do NOT visit the doctor or go to the emergency services to avoid potential transmission to others ->the doctor will decide if you are being tested and organize the necessary

Note: Incoming international students who need assistance to contact a doctor please liase with the htw saar-International Office, we will assist you with the telephone communication to consult a doctor in Saarbrücken.


Important information for travelling

Useful links

General information on the outbreak of COVID-19

Recommendations on how to help contain the virus threat


Further information (in German only)



In case you may have any further questions or doubts please contact the team at the International Office

Phone: +49 681 5867 654

and +49 681 5867 605