Studying & Living
8 good reasons to study with us


  1. We emphasize on high-quality teaching with practical application focusing on world issues.

  2. We deliver excellent supervision and close contact with our academic staff everywhere at our univerity.

  3. We are one of Germany‘s top-ranked universities of applied sciences for R&D conducting research with industry partners in Germany and abroad.

  4. We offer students a wide range of subject-matter and extracurricular support options: our goal is academic success

  5. We are proud that interculturality plays a prominent role at our university: the number of international students enrolled is significantly higher than the national average.

  6. We let our students gain experience abroad, thanks to more than 60 partner universities worldwide.

  7. We provide a wealth of professional experience and academic expertise in all our schools enabling us to strike an optimum balance between theory and practice.

  8. We are located in the heart of Europe: from Saarbrücken you can reach France within 5 minutes - by bike!