Finding a Place to Stay

Compared to many other German cities, Saarbrücken offers fairly affordable housing for students.  Here are your options:

Housing Office

From 15.09.2022 to 15.11.2022 the Housing Office will be able to assist international students of the Saarland University and the htw saar in finding accommodation in the area of Saarbrücken. Starting on 15.09.2022, students who need help are welcome to register here:

Housing Office

Student Dormitories / Residence Halls of the Student Union Saarland (Studierendenwerk Saarland)

To rent a room or an entire flat in the student dormitories / residence halls of the Student Union Saarland (Studierendenwerk Saarland), you need to go on this website:

Student Dormitories / Residence Halls Studierendenwerk Saarland

Lot's of useful and important information as well as respective contracts about student housing of the Studierendenwerk Saarland can be found in this download section:


Independently owned and run Dormitories / Student Residence Halls

These dormitories / student residence halls mostly offer furnished rooms and single or double apartments. To get a place in these residences, you need to apply directly to their respective administrations:

The Carl Duisberg House: Das Carl Duisberg Haus

Student Housing of ESG: Wohnheim der ESG

The Cusanus House: Das Cusanushaus

Apartments of the SBT: Wohnungen des SBT

Apartments of WOGE Saar: Wohngesellschaft Saar

Private Accommodation

You can find offers for shared apartments (Wohngemeinschaften, short WG) and private accommodation in and around Saarbrücken here:

Pinnwand Studentenwerk

Ads in the Local Newspaper:

Saarbrücker Zeitung: