Option 3: Non-degree-seeking exchange semester in the regular, German taught programs of htw saar


  • Students from any of the study areas related to the regular German taught degree programs at htw saar. Please check out the different fields of study htw saar has to offer: htw saar fields of study
  • Bachelor students need to have completed at least 30 ECTS/1 semester of studies.
  • Master students need to have been admitted to a master level program.
  • German proficiency at least B1 level, except for programs in the School of Social Sciences where at least B2 is required.


Program dates:

  • 3-week preparatory intensive German language course from October 4 – October 21, 2022
  • class period: October 24, 2022 – February 10, 2023 (examinations in February – March, depending on the individual program)*

*IPS/Intl. Project Semester in Engineering ends February 10, 2023.

Erasmus+ Scholarship: 1.100 EUR per month for 5 months (5.500 EUR in total)

Students admitted to this program are welcome to follow-up their Erasmus+ semester with an application to transfer to htw saar as degree seeking student for the summer semester 2023, subject to the admission requirements of the respective htw saar-degree program.

Online application deadline for an Erasmus+ semester for students from Ukrainian universities: June 19, 2022

If you would like to apply as an Erasmus+ exchange student, please send an email to

no later than June 10, 2022 with following information:

  • Which of the 3 options mentioned above you want to apply to
  • The name of your university in the Ukraine and what study program you are enrolled in there
  • Information about your language proficiency level in English and/or German.

As a next step, you will receive an email from us with the link to the Erasmus+ online application portal and instructions on how to apply.