Students who wish to continue their studies at htw saar must re-enroll for each new semester.

Re-enrollment Deadlines for the winter semester 2023/24:

  • Regular re-enrollment: July 12 2023 until September 10 2023
  • Late re-enrollment: September 11 2023 until September 24 2023 (late fee of 10 Euro)

If the required re-enrollment is not completed by September 24, 2023, students will be automatically exmatriculated (deregistered) by the end of the summer semester 2023 (September 30, 2023).

How to re-enroll

  • Log onto the SIM student portal with your user ID at (we recommend Google Chrome)
  • Click on the "Meine Anträge” tile
  • Click on "Antrag anlegen” in the the bottom left corner
  • Select "Antrag auf Rückmeldung” in the drop-down menu (you will now see the banking details as well as the amount to be paid)
  • Click on "Absenden" in the bottom right corner
  • Pay the semester fee within the regular re-enrollment period. Please make sure that you pay at least one week before the re-enrollment deadline to ensure that htw saar receives your payment in due time.

Are you graduating in the current semester?

If you expect to complete your studies in the current semester, you do not need to re-enroll for the following semester, provided that all examination results are/were completed in the current semester - even if the announcement of the assessment has not yet been made. The decisive factor is the date of submission, not the date of grading!

If a re-enrollment was nevertheless made, although it is not required, the re-enrollment can generally not be cancelled and the semester fee cannot be refunded! As a consequence, the number of semesters is increased by another semester which could lead to exceeding the standard period of study.

Application for continued enrollment

If you want to continue your enrollment beyond graduation, an application for continued enrollment must be submitted via the upload area in the re-enrollment application in SIM.  This will not increase the number of semesters in the previous degree program.

Validation of student ID and matriculation certificates

As soon as you receive the confirmation mail about the successful re-enrollment, you can validate your student ID at the validation stations at the Alt-Saarbrücken Campus (Building 10, Mensa anteroom) and at the Rotenbühl Campus (near the Mensa) or at the ASW location with the new semester details.

Further information on the htw saar card, the student ID card of the htw saar can be found here (in German only)

Application status and certificates

The matriculation certificates are available under the tile "Bescheinigungen".

You can find your sent re-enrollment application in your student portal under the tile "Meine Anträge".

The status of the application shows the processing status. The status "Antrag genehmigt" indicates that your re-enrollment has been finalized.

If you have any questions about the re-enrollment process, please contact student services for international students at or 0681-5867-99083. Please state your matriculation number for all inquiries.