Find out more about the recent projects our students worked on during the summer semester 2021 and the last winter semester 2022/2023!

Monitoring of Powder Coating Process at Hager Electro Group

Hager Group is one of the European market leaders in the field of electrical installation technology for low-voltage switchgear.

On the production site of Blieskastel, Hager produce consumer units panel boards and installation systems for residential and commercial energy distribution systems of different markets.

The project "Monitoring Powder Coating Process" is placed in Blieskastel and include/needs process- , chemical-, electrical-, plc technical and economical know how.

The project task involved:

  • process training/orientation in powder coating
  • analysis current process
  • conception and develop a process monitoring -> find out requirements
  • usage and further development the existing process-/plant parameter/plant intelligence
  • integration the existing MRP-system -> develop a interface to the exist MRP-System/PLC/auto quality - > develop/create dashboard
  • development a database to process controlling, traceability, powder consumption etc.

Development of a new electric drive concept for press brakes at Hydac International

HYDAC is a group of companies specializing in the manufacture and sale of components and systems as well as services for the industrial fields of hydraulics / fluid power and electronic control technology. Fifteen independent individual companies operate under the Hydac brand. In 2018, the internationally group of companies had about 10,000 employees, 50 branches and 500 trade and service partners worldwide.

The majority of the companies are based in Sulzbach (Saarland). In a press brake, sheet metal parts such as trim parts, housings or machine components are produced by bending. The press brake basically consists of a bending die and a bending punch. The latter is moved up and down by two hydraulic cylinders and a corresponding hydraulic control. For better energy efficiency, in modern machines the oil needed to move the cylinders is provided by a variable-speed pump drive. Such a drive usually consists of the hydraulic pump, the electric motor and the associated frequency converter. The main goalof this work is to investigate electric motors and converters in more detail and to develop new concepts with the associated control algorithms.

Tests of PDS 4.0 at Becker Mining Systems AG

Becker Mining Systems AG with its subsidiaries (Becker Group) is a high-tech supplier in the fields of Energy Distribution technology, Automation technology, Communication technology and Transportation technology.

Proximity Detection Systems (PDS) and Collision Awareness Systems (CAS) alike, are designed to prevent injury and possible loss of life during the operation of mining vehicles in close proximity to mining personnel. The systems provides an early warning indication that alerts the operator to the presence and number of personnel and vehicles in the vehicle’s vicinity.

The project task involved:

  • Planning of technical description for the test runs
  • Scheduling of the tests
  • Running the tests
  • Documentation and analysis of the tests
  • Bugfixes and troubleshooting

Development of a generic description system for fuel cell technologies at Hydac International

The energy transition is intended to create the basis for a clean, secure and affordable energy sources. Germany has set itself major goals, including the achievement of greenhouse gas neutrality by the year 2045. To achieve these climate targets, the development of a hydrogen industry will be essential. will be necessary. The fuel cell in particular will have a key role to in this context.

The project task involved:

  • Evaluation of the state of the art in the field of fuel cell technologies as well as their fields on application, market potentials and market players (PEM, HAT-PEM, SOFC etc.)
  • Development of a generic system for a standardized visualization and description of FC technologies.
  • Setting up an assessment matrix for the various FC technologies
  • Deduction of a roadmap for the development of Balance of Plant components in FC technologies

Optimize, Maintain and Collect Configuration Management Database (CMDB) including IT Security aspects at Hydac Verwaltung GmbH

The CMDB data quality in the company today leaves much to be desired. The students must conduct interviews with all parties involved in the process (IT, business departments, etc.) and design a process for new IT Equipment respectively actual Equipment. IT Security must agree to this process.

  • Recording the current situation
  • Define a new process / Target concept

Re-Engineering of water-in-oil sensor at Schaller Automation

Schaller Automation Industrielle Automationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully active in the sector of automation technology for over 60 years.

Schaller has been developing, producing and selling safety systems for large diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines for the past 50 years. These safety systems, so-called oil mist detection systems (OMD), have been successfully deployed in ships and power stations around the world.

Our daily mission at Schaller is the detection of hazardous operating conditions in which damage to bearings can lead to the escape of hazardous oil mist. This oil mist contains minute oil particles and can, in extreme cases, lead to an explosion in the engine crankcase. Schaller oil mist detection systems represent the last reliable safeguard against such accidents.

At the same time, we are also developing highly sensitive, intelligent monitoring systems for early detection of damage in order to prevent any formation of oil mist before it starts.

Schaller sells one remaining water-in-oil sensor for one specific customer. The concept of the sensor is from the 1980s and only limited documentation is left. In addition, the manufacturing know-how is limited to specific employees.


In this project, the current process flow and process steps of the production shall be documented as well as the corresponding machinery / equipment and technical documentation. The manufacturing shall be visualized and steps should be defined to ensure a future manufacturing of the sensor.


  • Analyze all process steps and documentation
  • Visualize process flow
  • Identify missing documentation and demand for updating the production equipment
  • Propose new process flow
  • Generate a roadmap with the R&D team to ensure the future production of the sensor and to enable a development of new sensor derivatives


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Project Team Hydac E-Mobility, 2022/2023

Project Team Hydac IT, 2022/2023

Project Team Becker Mining, 2022/2023

Project Team Schaller Automation, 2022/2023


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