Practical work & special modules in the International Project Semester 2.0

The International Project Semester 2.0 combines practical work with special modules for international and local students. With our program, students have the opportunity to gain practical experience and broaden their technical knowledge in specially designed courses. The close cooperation between the htw saar and regional companies enables students to work on a real industry project. Topics of the projects mainly focus on issues of engineering disciplines in the fields of electrical engineering, mechatronics/sensor technology, renewable energies, mechanical engineering as well as industrial engineering. 
The IPS prepares the students for the practical work by offering a variety or preparatory modules such as Intercultural Communication, Project Management and German language. Thanks to self-organized learning, the students are capable of contributing and designing their own ideas and to act independently and responsibly. 
Companies have the opportunity to benefit from the resources of international teams for their innovative and strategic topics in engineering fields.

Information & Requirements for interested companies

Student teams

  • Participating bachelor students will work in international teams of 3-5 people bringing different cultural backgrounds and different academic fields of engineering to the table.
  •  Team members learn to cooperate and communicate with each other on a professional, technical level.
  • Optimization of the students‘ presentation and negotiation skills.

Timeline for the upcoming summer semester

  • Start: March 20, 2023
    • Orientation, preparation for project work (project management, team building, German language and intercultural communication)
  • Start of project work: mid/end of April 2023
    • 4 + 1 plan: 4 days working at company, 1 day of lectures and courses at htw saar
    • Intermediate presentation, final presentation and report of results
  • End: July 31, 2023

Requirements for participation

  • Resources for the employment and supervision of an international student team of 3-5 students.
  • Providing strategic and innovative projects to work on.
  • Communication in English. Knowledge of German is not an admission requirement for the IPS.

Benefits for the participating companies

  • Independent work on the project by an international team
  • Access to young talents
  • Professional support of the project teams by the project coordinators and professors of the htw saar


The IPS coordinators are always looking for companies to work with during a project semester. If you are interested, we would be pleased to get in touch with you to discuss further details. Send us an e-mail via


IPS Flyer - Unternehmen

Informationen zum IPS 2.0 für Unternehmen


Questions about the IPS & cooperation
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