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Wöchentlicher Freitagskurs (Niveaustufen B1-C1 ). Dazu sind alle Teilnehmer(innen) der vergangenen Kurse aber auch Neueinsteiger herzlich willkommen.

This is an English conversation circle where you can share about your department, project, activities, and events, or just tell us how your week went. 

Come and practice for an upcoming presentation, refresh your speaking skills for an Erasmus exchange, get language support for your web page or other text, give us a tour of your facilities, promote your initiative or services, raise our awareness.

Whether it's happening in labs, administrative offices, or classrooms, there's a lot going on across our schools and campuses. (Where have we been, and where are we headed?)

Our main purpose is to speak and learn about, in English, our own diverse institution and the people who work here, developing fluency and vocabulary--especially that of higher education. We look at grammar issues as they may come up, or by special request.

Other topics of conversation tend to be related to pop culture, cultural diversity, how technology is changing our lifestyles, and sustainability.


Mary Masters (Ohio, USA)


Der Kurs findet online statt. Sie müssen dazu keine Software herunterladen. Ein Internetanschluss, Browser Mikrofon und Kamera genügen.



Veterans and newcomers, intermediate and up, the quiet and the talkative, are all welcome. Come as you are.


Matthias Mallmann




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