With the following tips, we would like to make it easier for you to start researching all available electronic resources. We would appreciate your feedback and we keep on working to maintain our service as good as possible in times of Corona.

Many electronic books and journals are freely accessible. The BIB (Berufsverband Information und Bibliothek e.V.) has compiled many great link lists on the subject in its "Fundgrube Internet (Internet treasure trove)". For example:

Electronic books or electronic newspapers and journals

In the Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue (KVK)), in addition to the worldwide research in library catalogues or in bookstores, there is also a selection "Digitale Medien (Digital Media)"

Use of licensed content only for university members

First connect via VPN, then open the browser!

Remember: In order to be recognized as a member of the htw saar, an existing connection via VPN is a mandatory requirement for the use of the licensed eBooks, journals and databases.

VPN Client / University IT Centre:

Under the internet address: https://www.hiz-saarland.de/dienste/vpn/

you can download the VPN clients and you will find all relevant settings and the support in case of problems.

Research via the OPAC

All eBooks that have been purchased by the htw saar can be researched via the catalogue (OPAC), you can access the link to the book from the catalogue.

It helps to click on the box "online resources only". See also: https://www.htwsaar.de/service/bibliothek/E-books

Research in databases

At https://www.htwsaar.de/service/bibliothek/Online-Datenbanken you will find a list of all licensed databases.

NEW: Free access to the Cambridge Core Textbooks until Mai 31, 2020! Access via VPN.

NEW: The complete content of the Nomos eLibrary is available free of charge until April 3, 2020! Access via VPN.

Relevant for all fields:

EZB - The Electronic Journals Library: Via VPN you have access to the full texts of licensed journals.

Of course, many scientific journals are Open Access and therefore freely accessible!

SpringerLink: From the Springer publishing group we own eBooks and journals from many different areas.

It is also possible to search within the eBooks and journals directly at SpringerLink.

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