Manuel Pazos García participated in the SaarIng programme 2014/15. He studied Industrial Engineering with specialization in Machinery at Universidade de Vigo. During the programme, he did an internship at Alstom Power Systems in Bexbach.


Manuel speaks about his experiences during the SaarIng programme:


 „It was very important for me to gain experiences in a German company and also the possibility to graduate in a certification programme at a good German university was convincing.

To come to Germany was a well-considered decision, because I intended for a long time to gain experiences working abroad. The biggest challenge was coming to Germany all by myself, because from time to time you miss things from your home country or culture. Therefore, it was very important to meet new people and perform new activities.

The people responsible for the program helped us with everything we needed. They supported us in finding an apartment, getting to know the city of Saarbrücken and the Saarland region, meeting other students and staff of htw saar and improving our German language. Moreover, I got contacts that are always important and explanations when something was different than in Spain.

After successfully completing the programme, I applied in several companies with the help of the responsible persons from SaarIng and fortunately I got a job at Hager here in Saarland. Currently, I am working in Blieskastel and take care of the IT rollouts and projects in the field of production and management of material. “

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