htw saar offers students from Ukrainian universities the opportunity to explore theirs study options as guest students. The guest student fees will be waived by the university.

As a guest student, you can participate in introductory German courses and visit selected lectures in your respective field of study if your language skills are sufficient.

As a guest student, you will also receive access to the university infrastructure and student buddies will assist you in getting to know the university and the city of Saarbrücken.

If you are interested in coming to htw saar as a guest student, please write an email to:

With your email, please forward copies of the following documents and information:

  • your ID
  • proof of your studies in Ukraine (this can be a certificate of enrollment, transcripts, student ID, etc.)
  • documents stating your refugee status
  • highschool diploma (if possible)

As a guest student, you are not enrolled and being a guest student does not guarantee an automatic admission as a transferring degree-seeking student. You can find out how to apply as a transferring degree-seeking student on these pages:

htw saar application procedure >

International Degree-Seeking Students

Norma Dettloff International Student Advisor


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