Buddy Program


Welcome to htw saar!

We are a team of student buddies and we will support you in getting settled in Germany and Saarbrücken and in successfully starting and completing your academic career at htw saar. Whatever challenges you might tackle – finding a place to live, enrolment at the university, enhancing your German, studying for exams, talking to a professor, or if you just want to meet and have some fun, we are there for you!

Services we offer:

  •  Pick-up service at the train station in Saarbrücken
  • Orientation at the university and in Saarbrücken
  • Support in applying to and enrolment at the university
  • Low-level tutoring in German, Maths and Physics
  • Connecting you to professors and service points at the university
  • Get-togethers and cultural activities throughout the semester
Do you want to join us? Then simply scan the qr code to our WhatsApp group here:


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We are looking forward to meeting you and to make you part of our student community!