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Do I have to register in the library?

Yes! Registration has to be done in person.

Please bring along your valid identity card/certificate of residence and your student id card. Registration is free of charge.

How long are the loan periods?

The loan period for all media is 4 weeks.

How can I extend the loan period of my books or other media?

You can extend the loan period yourself by using the OPAC/library catalogue.

This is possible up to ten times. If there is a reservation from another user for a certain book/media further extensions are not possible.

Login library account

Please contact us if you have any questions.

What are the opening hours of the library?

Please always access our homepage for the current opening hours.

Unfortunately there might be short-term changes due to the unpredictable corona situation.

Where do I find the library?

There is a library on every campus of the htw saar.

Campus Alt-Saarbrücken, building 10, first floor
Campus Göttelborn, Am Campus 5, first floor
Campus Rotenbühl, room A-K-12, basement

What can I do in the library?

Learning and working – at single workplaces and in our study rooms for groups at campus Alt-Saarbrücken.
Researching – in our library catalogue (OPAC), our search portal and our databases.
Borrowing media.
Using the book scanners and printers.

Where do I find the specialist literature I need?

In line with the range of studies offered, you will find literature matching the respective fields of study at each campus of the htw saar.

Campus Alt-Saarbrücken: civil engineering, engineering, social sciences
Campus Göttelborn: architecture
Campus Rotenbühl: economics

I want to borrow books or other media – what do I have to know?

You have to register before you can borrow media from the library.

You should research the book in the OPAC or through our search portal to verify that the book is in stock at the library. When it is available you note the shelf location and you take the book off the shelf. At the campus Alt-Saarbrücken you can use one of the self-booking devices in the entrance area for borrowing.

If you do your research from home you can order the title/s you want for later collection.

If you cannot find the title you are looking for please contact us!

I want to access eBooks – how does the download work?

You can access our electronic services via the campus network or the htw saar Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Research for eBooks (as well as print versions) is done via the OPAC or the search portal – the full texts are normally directly linked.

Can I do my research from home?

Yes! Both OPAC and search portal can be freely accessed from home.

Before opening your browser to access eBooks, journals and articles you must use the VPN to enter the university network. You can contact the HIZ should problems arise.


OPAC/library catalogue (Saarländischer Virtueller Katalg/virtual catalogue Saarland)

You can access your library account (borrowing account) via the OPAC. There you can extend the loan period, order or reserve a book or media.

The OPAC lists the whole stock of the university library (books, eBooks, journals, DVDs, CDs…). It is suitable for precise research, when you already know the ISBN, author or title of the book.
Next to the collections of all campus libraries of the htw saar you will find the collections of the Saarländischen Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek (university and state library of the Saarland) as well as other local scientific libraries. Please pay attention to the location of your hits! You can only borrow from the libraries of the htw saar.

Library catalogue OPAC

Search portal

The search portal is suitable for a more in-depth research (for example if you are looking for journal articles, eBooks, eJournals or legal texts) because it combines the OPAC and many data bases.

You are accessing the whole collection of the htw saar as well as those of other libraries in Germany or even worldwide.  Publications that are not available can be ordered by interlibrary loan.

Please contact us. We are happy to help.

Does the library offer guided tours right now?

Please check our homepage for current events: Library tours / Schulungen

Alternatively we offer individual introductions into the use of the library as well as how to start your research. A maximum of five people are allowed at once.

Please make an appointment with us by e-mail:

In doing so you can state your wishes, subjects and the preferred location.


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