Living and working in a foreign country abroad is a great opportunity but – of course – also requires a few preconditions. The design, structure and expected content of an application might slightly differ between your country and Germany. The following subchapters help you to gain insight into preconditions for your application and the application process in Germany:


As soon as you applied:

  • You will receive a confirmation .
  • We will check your application and forward it to our contact persons in selected companies in our region.
  • We will contact you, as soon as the company gets back to us.


Important: You might prepare your application for SaarIng either in German or English. A B1-level-certificate for the German language must be part of your documents, but this does not necessarily mean that your application has to be in German. If you feel more comfortable in presenting yourself in the English language, you might prepare your documents in English.

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