The EurIdentity Certificate imparts broad knowledge about Europe and European contexts. Through cross-border group projects and course visits in the Greater Region, students can also deepen their intercultural skills and expand their multilingualism. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate of acquired competencies that strengthen their qualification for the international labor market.

The EurIdentity Certificate can be taken by all htw saar students, regardless of their degree program.

The EurIdentity Certificate consists of the Basic Level and the Advanced Level:

  1. E-learning module "EurIdentity Basic Level: Foundations of Europe" with basics about Europe, the EU and Europe-related topics (6 ECTS). The course language is English. The course starts in the winter semester.
  2. Building on this, students get a deeper insight with the "EurIdentity Certificate: Advanced Level" (18 ECTS) and gain additional experience in international exchange by means of a foreign mobility within the Greater Region. The course language is German, English or French, depending on the courses chosen. Enrollment in the Advanced Level courses is possible from the winter semester 2023/24.

After successfully passing 24 ECTS from Basic and Advanced Level modules, participants receive a certificate proving the additional qualification.

The module "EurIdentity Basic Level: Foundations of Europe" (6 ECTS) can also be taken as a stand-alone module, independent of the EurIdentity Certificate and the Advanced Level:

- Bachelor students can choose the module as a compulsory elective subject, provided that their degree program includes a compulsory elective subject and the module is mentioned in the list of elective subjects.

- Master students can take the module as an optional elective. Upon successful completion, the module "EurIdentity Basic Level: Foundations of Europe" will be listed in the Transcript of Records.

For more information on the content and structure of the EurIdentity Certificate, please visit the UniGR project page.

Registration for the module "EurIdentity Basic Level: Foundations of Europe" (6 ECTS)

  1. Get more detailed information about the course content of the module "EurIdentity Basic Level: Foundations of Europe" (module number INTZ-100) via the module description and the project page of UniGR.
  2. The course will be available in Moodle as of October 15, 2022. The registration procedure is explained in detail there.
  3. If you have problems with the registration or other questions, you can contact Prof. Dr. Stefanie Jensen, academically responsible for the EurIdentity Certificate (Basic and Advanced Level).

Registration for the Advanced Level

Note: The Advanced Level can only be taken from winter semester 2023/24. The following description gives an overview on the process and will be complemented during the next months.

  1. Find out more about the contents and conditions of the EurIdentity Certificate and at the project page of UniGR.
  2. Choose the courses you are interested in from the list of Advanced Level Modules.
  3. Draw up the Learning Agreement with the planned courses and get it agreed with Prof. Dr. Stefanie Jensen.
  4. Register and matriculate via the Visiting Student Form of the Student Secretariat at the partner university(ies) of UniGR where your chosen courses take place.
  5. The student ID and e-mail address for the chosen partner university(ies) will be sent by mail.
  6. With this ID it is possible to enroll in the courses at the partner university.

How does the university network UniGR work?

Within the university network UniGR students can use the offers of the partner universities free of charge. For this purpose, a fee-free registration at the respective university is necessary.

For general questions about the university network UniGR please address Malika Picart.


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