The EurIdentity Certificate provides broad knowledge on European topics and the EU. It gives students the opportunity to acquire valuable skills for the international employment market and deepen their intercultural competencies. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate of acquired competencies that strengthens their qualification for the international employment market.

The EurIdentity Certificate Program is open to all htw saar students, including ERASMUS students, regardless of their degree program.

UniGR - University of the Greater Region

Within the UniGR university network, htw saar students can take advantage of the study offers of the partner universities in Lorraine, Luxembourg, Liège, Kaiserslautern, Trier and the Saarland University free of charge. This requires a no-fee formal enrollment as an UniGR-student. The htw saar grants a travel allowance for attending events at the UniGR partner universities via mobility funding (please contact the UniGR officer at the htw saar to apply).

The EurIdentity Certificate consists of two levels - Level 1 and Level 2

  1. Level 1: The e-learning module “EurIdentity Basic Level: Foundations of Europe” with basics about Europe (6 ECTS). The course is held in English. The course takes place in the winter and summer semester.
  2. Level 2: Building on this, students dive deeper into subjects about Europe in the "EurIdentity: Advanced Level" (18 ECTS). The course language is German, English or French, depending on the courses chosen. A study mobility within the Greater Region is mandatory.

After successfully passing 24 ECTS from Basic and Advanced Level modules, participants receive a certificate proving the additional qualification.

    Level 1: E-Learning Module „EurIdentity Basic Level: Foundations of Europe“ (6 ECTS)

    The module consists of 12 units on topics about Europe and the EU, which are designed by experts from all seven partner universities. The module consists of video material in combination with independent reading and concludes with a multiple-choice exam at htw saar.

    Link to the module description
    Course access via Moodle
    For content-related questions contact Prof. Dr. Stefanie Jensen

    By the way: The module “EurIdentity Basic Level: Foundations of Europe” (6 ECTS) can also be taken as a stand-alone module, independent of the EurIdentity Certificate and the Advanced Level:

    • Bachelor students can choose the module as a compulsory elective subject. It is also suited for ERASMUS students.
    • Master students can take the module as an optional elective.

    Upon successful completion, the module “EurIdentity Basic Level: Foundations of Europe” will be listed in the participant’s transcript of records. In addition, participants receive a certificate of participation from UniGR.


    Level 2 EurIdentity Certificate Advanced Level - Information for htw saar students

            Click here for Study Rules and Regulations (German language only)

    1.  Select courses totaling at least 18 ECTS from the course catalogs of the htw saar and UniGR partner universities. At least 6 ECTS must be completed abroad at another European university, e.g. from the UniGR network.

    2.  Contact Prof. Dr. Stefanie Jensen in order to get your course selection formally agreed.
    3.  Contact the htw saar UniGR officer for student mobility programs at a UniGR partner university.

    Level 2 EurIdentity Certificate Advanced Level - Information for incoming students from UniGR partner universities 

    Students from UniGR partner universities can take courses at the htw saar free of charge. However, it is necessary to enroll at the htw saar, in order to take part in courses and exams (for example, in the EurIdentity Certificate Advanced Level).

     Please follow the steps below: 

    1.  Select course
    2.  Fill out and sign the UniGR learning agreement with your home university
    3.  Registrate and enroll using the Visiting Student Form
    4.  Your student ID and e-mail address will be sent to you by mail
    5.  Enroll in the courses with your student ID


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