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Consultation hours

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Research Assistant and Lecturer
Deputy leader of ITS Research Group (FGVT)

University activities

  • Member faculty council IngWi (since October 2021)
  • Member IT user forum (since 2017)
  • Member Awards Committee for Graduate Funding (since 2020)
  • Member Student and Doctoral Advisory Board UniGR (since 2021)
  • IT-Administration (FGVT, GIM)

Work areas

Member of the ITS Research Group (FGVT)

  • Research in the field of Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication
  • Development of infrastructural basic services in the V2I environment
  • System design and implementation of IT management concepts
  • Design and management of wired IP networks
  • IT security
  • Project management and project administration
  • project acquisition

Research projects

  • MOSAik:D (MOSAik:D – M2M-based optimization of the safety in short-term roadworks sites) [2020-2021]
  • 5G NetMobil (5G NetMobil - 5G solutions for the networked mobility of the future) [2017-2020]
  • iKoPA (Integrated Communication Platform for Automated Electric Vehicles) [2015-2018]
  • NoLimITS (New Economic Developments for Innovative ITS Models) [2015-2017]
  • CONVERGE (COmmunication Network VEhicle Road Global Extension) [2012-2015]
  • UR:BAN (Urban Space - User-friendly Assistance Systems and Network Management) [2012-2015]
  • simTD (Safe Intelligent Mobility - Test Field Germany) [2008-2013]
  • DIAMANT (Dynamic Information and Applications for Mobility Assurance with Adaptive Networks and Telematics Infrastructure) [2008-2010]
  • AKTIV (Adaptive and Cooperative Technologies for Intelligent Transport) [2006-2010]

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Computer Science and Communication Systems, Bachelor (htw saar)

  • Microprocessor Systems in Telecommunications; Lecture (KI460/E611)
    • SuSe 2008
  • Protocols; Lecture (KIB-PROT / KI570 [till 2018])
    • WS 2021/2022, WS 2020/2021, WS 2019/2020, WS 2018/2019, WS 2017/2018, WS 2016/2017, WS 2015/2016, WS 2014/2015, WS 2013/2014, WS 2012/2013, WS 2011/2012, WS 2010/2011, WS 2009/2010
  • Routing in IP Networks Lecture (KI629)
    • SuSe 2012, SuSe 2011
  • Routing in IP Networks I; Lecture (KI592)
    • WS 2012/2013
  • Routing in IP Networks II; Lecture (KI613)
    • SuSe 2013

Computer Science and Communication Systems, Master (htw saar)

  • Network Architectures; Lecture (KI810)
    • SuSe 2017, SuSe 2016, SuSe 2015, SuSe 2014, SuSe 2013, SuSe 2012, SuSe 2010, SuSe 2009
  • Seminar Complex Communication Systems; Seminar (KIM-SKSY)
    • SuSe 2021, SuSe 2020, SuSe 2019, SuSe 2018

Social Work/Social Pedagogy, Diploma (Catholic University for Social Work)

  • Computer games and Internet: Dangers and opportunities for children and young people; Seminar
    • SuSe 2007
  • Excel basics for social work practice; seminar
    • WS 2007/2008
  • Basics Webdesign: HTML and CSS; Seminar
    • WS 2006/2007

Industrial Engineering, Bachelor (htw saar)

  • Computer Science / Programming; Internship (WIBASc355)
    • WS 2013/2014



University activities

IT administration

  • FGVT (Linux, Windows, Network)
  • GIM (Windows, Network)


Supervision of bachelor and master theses

  • 2019
    • Dominik Alexander Erb: Requirements for V2X communication in commercial vehicles, Master thesis htw saar
  • 2017
    • Sergej Follenweider: Evaluation and Testing of Simulation Environments for IP Routing Protocols in the Context of Networked Automated Driving, Masterthesis htw saar
    • Christoph Drost: Communication architecture for the transport of traffic light phase data in real time, Master thesis htw saar
  • 2016
    • Mirko Luzaic: Development of an IPv6 learning environment, Masterthesis Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences
    • Sven Herrmann: Identity and Mobility Management in State-of-the-Art Networks, Master Thesis htw saar
    • Eric Seewald: Procedure model for cyclic network optimization in the business environment, Master thesis htw saar
    • Michael Huber: Location and communication concepts for the prevention of traffic accidents with participation of VRUs in the research project FRAMES, Master thesis htw saar
  • 2015
    • Sergej Follenweider: Distributed Provision of HMI Data for ITS Stations, Bachelorthesis htw saar
    • Lisa Guthörl:Development of a platform-independent display concept for ITS applications, Bachelorthesis htw saar
    • Dimitrij Gashimov: Conception and development of an ITS-G5 based warning system for false driver detection and warning, Masterthesis htw saar
  • 2014
    • Christoph Drost: Anonymized travel time recording using ITS-G5, Bachelorthesis htw saar
  • 2013
    • Andreas Otte: Conception and implementation of a server-side task management and control for the research group traffic telematics, Bachelorthesis HTW [supporting]
    • Florian Petry: GIS based range evaluation of simTD field test data, Masterthesis HTW
    • Eric Seewald: Measuring & Evaluation System for ITS Roadside Stations in CONVERGE, Bachelor's thesis HTW
  • 2010
    • Dimitrij Gashimov: Development of an automated test tool for functional testing of the mobile communication unit (CCU) in the project simTD, Bachelorthesis HTW
    • Manuel Spies: Investigation of Software Development Kits for Mobile Operating Systems regarding the special requirements in the ITS environment, Masterthesis HTW
  • 2009
    • Carlos Vázquez Pérez: Overview Of Different Solutions For The Resource Monitoring and Management of Java Processes, Diploma Thesis University of Vigo (Spain)
    • Torsten Blau: Conception and development of a distributed, service-oriented communication system, Master's thesis HTW
    • Patrick Rouget: Network Resource Management in a Heterogeneous Communication System, Masterthesis HTW





  • August 2019, "Automotive Systems and Software Engineering", Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Editors: Yanja Dajsuren, Mark van den Brand, ISBN 978-3-030-12156-3

Professional journal

  • August 2018, article ATZelektronik, topic: "Automated electromobility Secure hybrid communication with data protection", ATZelektronik 4/2018, Nigischer, Vogt [DOI 10.1007/s35658-018-0039-4]
  • November 2015, Article International Transport, topic: "Architecture for the Networked Future of Transport - The ITS System Network CONVERGE", International Transport (67) 4 | 2015, Vogt, Wieker, Fünfrocken

Congress & Proceedings

  • May2021, Paper IEEE 5G for CAM, Thema: "Demonstration and Evaluation of Cross-Border Service Continuity for Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) Services", 2021 5G IEEE Summit; Abdel Latif, Muehleisen, Coulet, Giemsa, Vogt, Wieker, Larson, Löfhede, Nilsson, Segesten, Zhao []; Best Paper Award
  • October 2018, Paper IET 2018, topic: "Assessment of ITS architectures"; in IET Intelligent Transport Systems, vol. 12, no. 9, pp. 1096-1102, 11 2018; Fünfrocken, Otte, Vogt, Wolniak,. Wieker [DOI 10.1049/iet-its.2018.5310]
  • November 2014, Paper IEEE 2014, topic: "A vision for an V2X service announcement concept"; 2014 International Conference on Connected Vehicles & Expo, Vienna, Austria; Pillado Quintas, Fünfrocken, Vogt, Wieker [DOI 10.1109/ICCVE.2014.7297568]


  • May/Juni 2022, Paper ITS 2022, topic: "Evaluating a rural cross-border automated shuttle service"; ITS European Congress 2022, Toulouse, France; Bousonville, Rösler, Wolnaik, Vogt, Wieker
  • October 2021, Paper ITS 2021, topic: "Cloud-based traffic data fusion for situation evaluation of handover scenarios"; 28th ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2021, Hamburg, Germany; Otte, Staub, Vogt, Wieker
  • November 2020, Paper ITS 2020, topic: "Safety of Maintenance Personnel in Short-Term Roadworks Sites"; Virtual ITS European Congress; Vogt, Kühnel, Wieker
  • October 2019, Paper ITS 2019, topic: "Autonomous driving in enclosed car-parks using heterogeneous communication"; 26th ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2019, Singapore, Singapore; Sawade, Schmidt, Becker, Schäufele, Bunk, Radusch, Vogt, Wieker
  • October 2019, Paper ITS 2019, topic: "Trinational Automated Mobility"; 26th ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2019, Singapore, Singapore;Vogt, Wolniak, Wieker
  • October 2019, Paper ITS 2019, topic: "Neurocognitive and traffic based handover strategies"; 26th ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2019, Singapore, Singapore; Otte, Vogt, Staub, Wolniak, Wieker
  • October 2018, Paper ITS 2018, topic: "Assessment of ITS architectures"; 25th ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2018, Koppenhagen, Denmark; Fünfrocken, Otte, Vogt, Wolniak, Wieker
  • October 2017, Paper ITS 2017, topic: "Secure Hybrid ITS Communication with Data Protection"; 24th ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2017, Montreal, Canada; Vogt, Fünfrocken, Wolniak, Wieker
  • October 2016, Paper ITS 2016, topic: "Electric mobility requirements for ITS architectures"; 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2016, Melbourne, Australia; Kauschke, Maringer, Vogt, Wieker
  • October 2015, Paper ITS 2015, topic: "NoLimITS - enable electro mobility with ITS"; 22nd World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2015, Bordeaux, France; Maringer, Fünfrocken, Vogt, Wieker
  • September 2014, Paper ITS 2014, topic: "CONVERGE - Future IRS-infrastructures As Open Service Networks"; 21th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2014, Detroit, USA; Fünfrocken, Scholtes, Vogt, Wieker, Wolniak
  • September 2014, Paper ITS 2014, topic: "CONVERGE - A German Cooperative ITS Architecture", 21th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2014 / SIS45 - Cooperative ITS Vehicle Architecture and Applications, Detroit, USA; Wieker, Eckert, Fünfrocken, Vogt
  • June 2014, Paper ITS Europe 2014, topic: "CONVERGE - ITS design like Internet", 10th ITS Europa Congress Helsinki 2014 / SIS 09 - Towards deployment of cooperative systems, Helsinki, Finland; Wieker, Eckhart, Vogt, Fünfrocken
  • October 2013, Paper ITS 2013, topic: "CONVERGE - ITS Communication architecture for future mobility", 20th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2013, Tokyo, Japan; Fünfrocken, Vogt, Wieker
  • June 2013, lecture mobil.TUM 2013, topic: "The CONVERGE Project - A Systems Network for ITS", mobil.TUM 2013 ITS for Connected Mobility, Munich, Germany; Fünfrocken, Vogt, Wieker
  • February 2011, Lecture AAET 2011, topic: "Babelfisch ITS Roadside Station in simTD", Symposium AAET 2011 - Automation, Assistance and Embedded Systems for Transportation Congress, Braunschweig; Fünfrocken, Gashimov, Hinsberger, Spies, Vogt, Weber, Wieker
  • February 2010, lecture AAET 2010, topic: "Automated management of ITS Roadside Stations for the simTD field test", symposium AAET 2010 - Automation, assistance systems and embedded systems for means of transport Kongress, Braunschweig; Allani, Baum, Fünfrocken, Hinsberger, Vogt, Weber, Wieker
  • September 2009, Paper ITS 2009, topic: "Management of Roadside Units for the simTD Field Test (Germany)", 16th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2009, Stockholm, Sweden; Fünfrocken, Allani, Baum, Hinsberger, Vogt, Weber, Wieker
  • February 2009, Lecture AAET 2009, Topic: "Vehicle Infrastructure - Communication to Support Driver Assistance Systems", Symposium AAET 2009 - Automation, Assistance and Embedded Systems for Transportation Systems Congress, Braunschweig; Wieker, Hinsberger, Vogt, Fünfrocken


  • June 2019, Presentation 50 Years Bezirksverkehrswacht, topic: "Automatisiertes Fahren im Saarland", 50-jähriges Jubiläum Bezirksverkehrswacht Oberer Nahe e.V., Neunkirchen/Nahe
  • May 2018, Presentation Landesverkehrswacht, topic: "Automatisiertes und vernetztes Fahren im Saarland", Jahreshauptversammlung Landesverkehrswacht Saar e.V., Homburg
  • September 2017, Presentation DIQ Symposium, topic: "Data protection in connected vehicles", 7th DIQ Symposium, Frankenthal
  • September 2014, lecture Automechanika, topic: "CONVERGE - Development of an architecture of cooperative systems for the mobility of the future", Automechanika 2014: Connected Cars, Frankfurt am Main - co-author
  • May 2014, Lecture VDE ITG-FA 7.2 "Radio Systems", Topic: "CONVERGE - ITS after the Internet", Discussion Session: ITS - Funk für Straße und Sicherheit, Mainz - Co-Author
  • April 2013, lecture VSimRTI Workshop, topic: "CONVERGE - A new Approach for Connected Mobility", 3rd VSimRTI Workshop 2013, Berlin - co-author
  • February 2013, lecture ETSI, topic: "CONVERGE Project", 5th ETSI Workshop on Intelligent Transport, Vienna - co-author
  • December 2012, lecture UR:BAN, topic: "The aims of CONVERGE in the context of UR:BAN", 1st UR:BAN Forum 2012, Wolfsburg
  • October 2007, Lecture German Research Network (DFN), topic: "Design of a secure VoIP infrastructure", Conference of the German Research Network (DFN), Berlin


  • September 2015, CAR 2 CAR Newsletter, Subject: "CONVERGE develops open V2X-architecture"



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